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Cocoto Kart Racer

Cocoto Kart Racer
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherBigBen Interactive
DeveloperNeko Entertainment SARL
ReleasedMar 2, 2005

Description :

Cocoto: Kart Racer is a kart racing game where you can choose to race as one of twelve strange available creatures, each with their own features. Facing to loss of their power the creatures compete in a racing tournament with the winner claiming a mysterious cauldron and retaining their power. The racing tracks include speed strips and ramps. Power-ups can be picked up and used on opponents while racing. The game offers several modes like: a championship, time challenge and multiplayer mode for up to four players. Five differently themed game worlds can be traversed. The worlds being Abyss, Volcano, Atlantis Jungle and Paradise.