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Clock Tower 3

Clock Tower 3
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
GenreAction, Adventure, Horror
ReleasedMar 18, 2003

Description :

Time is running out… Yesterday Alyssa was just a normal schoolgirl: happy, cheerful and without a care in the world. Today that will all change when she discovers the truth about her family, cursed by the servants of Evil for generations. today is the day that Alyssa will fight back. Can she free her family's trapped souls before the Servants of Evil stop her? who is the Dark Man and what is his connection to the Clock Tower? Can Alyssa survive the horror before the clock strikes midnight? From the creators of Resident Evil and Onimusha comes this chilling adventure. Experience a totally new type of fear – with each rapid heartbeat players will feel the terror in Alyssa as she tries to escape the Servants of Evil. Hide behind or utilize objects in game universe to help escape from the Evil Servants or to solve puzzles thanks to the fully interactive environment.