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ConsoleSony PlayStation 2

Description :

Bully is an open-world adventure game that uses the high school environment to develop its gameplay and storyline. Rockstar released the game on the Playstation 2, and only later began to release on other platforms. The storyline of Bully will revolve around the problem of school bullying often seen in American schools. And this game uses it to develop the plot and make players experience an environment that victims of school persecution experience.

Bully is built in an open-world adventure action style, and players will play as Jimmy Hopkins, who wants to rise in the ranks of the school system to end bullying. With a lofty goal, Jimmy is willing to use violence against the victims, even if it makes himself a delinquent. Players will control Jimmy through a third-person view, and the world this time will be a town called Bullworth, along with a wide variety of cultures and activities. The game has open-world gameplay, and players are not forced to play in the main storyline. That means players can go around to explore, participate in activities, or complete some locally available side quests.

The gameplay also has an interactive environment to help players proceed faster in making plans to prevent school bullying. The game has a great storyline, and it will also involve many other issues that prevent the school from being terminated immediately. Players will have to build everything slowly, small plans to large plans. Of course, the game will add some bad guys to stop Jimmy’s intentions. Players can use violence or taunting the bullies and create hostility to them. When players interact with NPCs for a long time, they will begin to form an idea for Jimmy.

Bully is a violent game so that it will have a wide variety of weapons commonly found in schools. Players can carry multiple weapons at once and can switch immediately depending on how the player wants to handle the situation. The game will also have many secrets, along with the surprises hidden in its storyline. Of course, it will also give players a lot of meaning along with a happy ending to the problem of school bullying. If you are looking for a game that can bring you back to school, Bully would be a great choice.