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25 To Life

25 To Life
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
DeveloperAvalanche Software, Ritual Entertainment
GenreShooter, Stealth
ReleasedJan 17, 2006

Description :

25 To Life is set in the urban inner city jungle where you can choose to be either a law enforcer or law-breaker. In single-player mode, you follow the storyline of young Freeze who is trying to survive in the hood and protect his family, or that of Shaun Calderon, a gang leader who had to escape to Mexico. On the other side of the law, you can play the cop Lester Williams whose department is swamped by corruption. Whatever you choose, the bulk of the game has to walk through the cities, hide behind corners and then bust out and shoot people. As always, you have an arsenal of weapons and moves at your disposal.