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White Diamond

White Diamond
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
DeveloperDual, SystemSoft
GenreAction, Role-Playing
ReleasedNov 25, 1999

Description :

White Diamond for the Playstation features a graphical upgrade and rearranged scenarios from the PC version, White Diamond is a love-story RPG that sees players experiencing a high-fantasy adventure through the eyes of a knight. The gameplay is a mix between an action RPG game and a dating simulation since the player character will encounter different girls (like Ristatin, Mell, Claire or Tina) around the game and his relations with them will change the way the story advance. Talking with different characters, or go to the guild when they got new job offers, will allow new missions for the player character to make. The battle part is an action rpg since the player controls the movement of his character and make the attacks himself.