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Virtual Hiyru no Ken

Virtual Hiyru no Ken
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherCulture Brain
DeveloperCulture Brain
ReleasedJul 17, 1997

Description :

Virtual Hiryu No Ken is a 3D battle fest with its plethora of special moves and fighting styles there’s never a dull moment. Features unlockable characters and a replay mode to savour your fine timing or cast a critical eye over your bad choice of move. Smashing variety in the backgrounds too with each stage appropriately themed to its inhabitant be it the evil stage or the vast open desert. The game features 2 main game modes (Circuit & VS) and a practice mode, 14 character to choose from the start of the game. The game is basically an enhanced sequel to Virtual Hiryu 64 (Flying Dragon, Version 1.5) for Playstation.