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Umihara Kawase Shun: Second Edition

Umihara Kawase Shun: Second Edition
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherXing Entertaiment
DeveloperXing Entertaiment
ReleasedJan 20, 2000

Description :

This game is a plaformer with a twist: you play a girl in an aquatic world, and the only way to fight against your enemies are your brain and a grappling hook, which you have to master if you plan on finishing this game. Because there are no power-ups. Your enemies are all sea creatures, but some of them have grown legs and now they can attack and chase you on land. One of the exceptional things about this game is its replay value, absent in most platformers: you can finish the game and then play against your best time, try to find hidden paths or exits, or even record your best replays on the memory card. This edition is a re-release of the original Umihara Kawase: Shun, also for the Sony PlayStation, released back in 1997. In terms of new content, new levels have been added, as well as several bugfixes, but it is essentially the same game as the first edition.