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The Grinch

The Grinch
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
DeveloperArtificial Mind and Movement
GenreAction, Platform
ReleasedNov 8, 2000

Description :

This version of The Grinch is based on the 2000 holiday movie of the same title, inspired by the Dr. Seuss book and animated special How the Grinch Stole Christmas. PlayStation gamers control The Grinch and his dog Max, swapping between the two with a tap of a button. The troublemakers attempt to stop Christmas from taking place by causing mischief and destroying all the presents, snowmen, and Christmas trees they find. The villain's driving motivation is to collect blueprints to build an arsenal of inventions that he needs to ruin the Who-ville holidays once and for all. He'll search through four large areas of 3D platforming that emphasize exploration and puzzle-solving challenges. Will the furry green grump really be able to foul the festivities, or will he find that "maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more"?