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The Adventures of Lomax

The Adventures of Lomax
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1

Description :

Lomax's friends are in trouble, and it's up to you to save them from the sinister villain, Evil Ed. Using a magical spell, the fiend has kidnapped them and is forcing them to do whatever he instructs. Adventures of Lomax is a platform game that presents itself as a Lemmings spin-off (after all, it is developed by the same company). As the hero, you will have to jump and shoot your way through a multitude of side scrolling 2D levels while picking up different power-ups. The special items Lomax encounters gain him invincibility; increase the jumping range and power of his attacks. Most effects fade off in a specific amount of time and are there to give you a quick health boost. Adventures of Lomax takes place across several stages (over 40 in all) that range from outdoor areas, caves, and dark and spooky castles (four different environments). Because this is a platformer, you'll run across obstacles from time to time, required to either blast things away, like bats and zombies, or jump from platform to platform.