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Tank Racer

Tank Racer
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherGrolier Interactive
DeveloperGrolier Interactive Inc.
ReleasedMar 30, 1999

Description :

Tank Racer is the racing game with a difference. Developed by the Glass Ghost team at Simis, Tank Racer offers the player '50 tonnes of Fun' as they blast their way around a multitude of tracks. Viewed from a 1st and 3rd person perspective, the ultimate aim is to win the Championship in the fastest time – if this involves blasting everything in sight, so be it! The player has to choose from a set of twelve tanks, find numerous power ups and allocate powerful weapons. There are four distinct modes of play. The one-player options are Championship mode in which 3 Championship levels must be completed – totalling 15 tracks and Single race mode — a race against time. Multiplayer options include Battle mode and multiplayer race mode. The single and multi player levels are played out over numerous tracks and arenas. The Playstation version has a multiplayer option (split screen).