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Sydney 2000

Sydney 2000
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
DeveloperAttention to Detail Limited
ReleasedAug 18, 2000

Description :

Sydney 2000 offers four modes of play including arcade, Olympic, head-to-head and coaching. Up to four players (human or computer-controlled) can participate in arcade and head-to-head modes. Each player can train or control a team of 12 virtual athletes for whichever nationality he or she chooses. Arcade mode allows you to jump right into any one of the 12 events and test the waters without training your athletes. Two types of play are available: classic and repeat. In classic style, you play all 12 events only once while earning points based on performance in each. Repeat play offers basically the same format with the main difference being the chance to gain higher scores by replaying the events. Olympic mode lets you train a team of 12 athletes, build strength and morale, sharpen skills and prepare for qualification at Olympic trials. This mode offers a 4-stage approach to reaching the goal of Olympic competition: training, invitation, championship, and then the Games themselves. Gymnastics and field and track are just a couple of the activities practiced in this mode.