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Suzuki Bakuhatsu

Suzuki Bakuhatsu
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1

Description :

Suzuki is having a very bad day. Everything she touches turns out to be a bomb! Cell phones, cassette tapes… even an orange! Fortunately, she's also an expert at bomb disposal, so it's her job to make sure they're safely disarmed before they explode. Suzuki Bakuhatsu is a bomb disposal game where the player must disassemble and disarm increasingly complicated and bizarre explosives. Given a set of tools — initially only a screwdriver and nipper; later also a wrench (spanner), allen wrench (hex key), and adhesive tape — the player must disarm each bomb within a specific time limit. The player can rotate and look all around the object, looking for places to use different tools, but must always be mindful of the timer. If it runs out, the bomb explodes and it's game over. Additionally, there's no pausing once the timer starts, so think quickly! The game has three difficulty levels and more than a dozen different bombs to disarm. The story is told between each stage using live-action photographs.