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Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha

Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
DeveloperArika Co.
ReleasedSep 30, 1997

Description :

Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha takes the long-standing series into the third dimension with eight original Street Fighter combatants and 12 new fighters making their debut (a total of 23 including hidden characters). Among the veteran staples are Chun-Li, the limb-endowed Dhalsim, Ryu and the all-American Guile; newcomers include an experienced Shadowloo guard named Crackerjack, the enigmatic Skull-o-mania and an amnesia-stricken Kairi. As always, each character features his and her own unique special attacks and combinations. There are seven gameplay options including the Arcade, Team Battle, Survival, Watch, Versus, Time Attack and Practice modes. Although veteran Street Fighter fanatics may feel right at home with the controls, those unfamiliar with the series may want to practice before jumping into the fire. Practice comes with two different modes — Training and Expert; Training familiarizes you with basic and special attacks and Super Combos whereas the Expert mode features a chart listing all the basic characters. The objective is to execute each fighter's special moves, combos and Super Combos.