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Spectral Force 2

Spectral Force 2
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherIdea Factory Co., Ltd.
DeveloperIdea Factory Co., Ltd.
ReleasedOct 15, 1998

Description :

This is the story which became to be called Never Land Great War later. A hero knocked the Devil down just as a legend. After the Devil had died, a country was splited and people begin to fight. This is how the Spectral Force games begins, this game is the sequel to Spectral Force and as in that game is an strategy rpg: The player can choose a main character from the ones that the game offers, and after that start to organize the troops, the defenses and some other things inside his towns. Combat uses a turn-based system and takes place on a map divided up into squares, although the grid is only shown when moving. The player can bring up to six party members into a battle, while enemies tend to be significantly more numerous. When some army encounters the battle starts. The most important part of these games are the battles: Here the player have to choose between different movements (defense, break through, magic attacks, etc). Some things make the battles different like the terrain, the attack rating of the generals, the morale and even the weather (since some soldiers battle better depending of the weather conditions).