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Sakuma shiki Jinsei Game

Sakuma shiki Jinsei Game
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
GenreBoard Game
ReleasedDec 10, 1998

Description :

Sakuma Shiki Jinsei Game is another game in the Game of Life series made by Takara. As usual in those board game the player controls one character (up to 5 players can compete at the same time using the multitap function) that will go through different times in his life, he or she can even get married during the game if the girl or boy accept the marriage. There are different mini games that will increase the players money if he wins them, and different cards and items can be used to win the game. There are shops around the board to buy new items, and different events that can increase or reduce the players money (even an alien attack) and the game features a cute 2d cartoon graphics engine.