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Rescue Shot

Rescue Shot
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherDavilex, Namco
DeveloperDavilex, Now Production
GenreRacing, Shooter

Description :

Rescue Shot is a shooter developed and published by Namco. On one side, it differences from the famous Point Blank series. The game, in fact, looks more like Time Crisis, which doesn't rely on accuracy less very much, thus letting you enjoying the fast-pace of the game dynamic. On the other side, the variety in Rescue Shot is similar to the Point Blank series. The game takes place on a lot of different scenarios, full of traps to avoid and dangers to overcome: from a manufacturing industry to a tube, from a Japanese market district to a country village. The main character in the game is Bow, a dog who wanders through a fairytale-esque land where all sorts of minions try to hamper his progress. The aim of the adventure is to help Bow regain his memory after he fell off a cliff. He needs to collect all 5 dream fragments to be able to make a wish, so he can remember where he came from. Each of the 10 scenarios (grouped in 4 stages) has got its unique inhabitants (robots, birds, porcupines, bats, …) and boss (a tiger, a wolf, a machine…). Tons of items in the background, from mushrooms to spiders and flowers (and even windows), can be shot to reveal power-ups of all sorts. Occasionally you have to shoot Bow in the derriere to get him to jump over obstacles, or a timely shot to the head will cause him to duck flying objects.