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Rapid Reload

Description :

Rapid Reload, known in Japan as Gunners Heaven, is a run and gun video game in the vein of Gunstar Heroes. It was among the first of its genre (or any genre for that matter) available for the Sony PlayStation, and although it has very few features, it became one of the most popular games of its time. Story: Upon hearing the legend of the treasure known as the Valkiry, treasure hunters Axel Sonics and Ruka Hetfield embark on an adventurous quest to find the legendary stone. However, unknown to Axel and Ruka at the start, there is also a terrorist organization known as the Pumpkin Heads searching for the Valkiry, determined to use the stone for World Domination. Can Axel and Ruka beat the Pumpkin Heads to the Valkiry and save the world from an Age of Darkness? Gameplay: The player chooses to play as either Axel or Ruka, and with the chosen character, the player will fight his/her way through six levels, each one harder than the previous. With the exception of levels 3 and 5, each level contains two subbosses (Area Boss) and a final boss (Guardian). In level 3, there is one Area Boss and a Guardian, and in level 5, just a Guardian. The game has often been criticized by fans for the near-impossibility of completing as Ruka, due to her weapons' disadvantages which make it impossible for Ruka to defend herself especially in levels 3 and 4.