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Rally De Africa

Rally De Africa
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherPrism Arts
DeveloperPrism Arts
ReleasedSep 23, 1998

Description :

Rally De Africa is a Racing game, published by Prism Arts, which was released in Japan in 1998. There are 4 game modes: – Championship – Spot entry, you can drive in any of the five stages: Lake Victoria (easy), Casablanca (normal), Kilimanjaro (hard), Dakar (hard), Congo (very hard). In any of the three classes K, A, or S. – 2 Player battle, drive against other human player. – Memory battle, drive agains yourself using a recorded memory card save Manufacturer's description: The bark on the ground in Africa rally machine! ! Rally games are a lot of authentic realism appeared in PS! A variety of machines and Drive Raleigh, and around Lake Victoria and to Casablanca, "Rarry de Africa" win the throne! 2P Battle, of course, travel data recording, which also features I enjoy the battle battle a variety of memory! Features: Third or First person perspectives. 3D graphics Cartoon graphics Rally Racing theme.