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Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
DeveloperKonami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
ReleasedFeb 15, 2002

Description :

Pro Evolution Soccer has more than 50 international soccer sides and 16 of the best club teams from around the world – ranging from Manchester United and AC Milan to Leeds United, who were briefly a top side at this time. The player also has a large array of options. The player can play single matches as well as league or cup tournaments, and there is also a training mode. There are 5 difficulty levels, different weather conditions, and injuries are optional, as are extra time and penalty shoot-outs. Players can be designed with a range of physical and mental attributes, as well as different appearances. Gameplay is not as end-to-end as the contemporary FIFA titles, and finishing is more of a matter of precise timing and skill. Players and officials make mistakes on occasion as well. Features: Intuitive control method and realistic shooting system 53 international teams plus five hidden 'Classic' line-ups Refined sprinting and dribbling movements Endorsed by FIFPro features football's biggest stars Extensive training mode and specially created stadia Commentary from Chris James and Terry Butcher