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Penny Racers

Penny Racers
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherLtd., TAKARA Co.

Description :

Penny Racers (Choro Q in Japan) is a driving game with a difference. It is based around super deformed versions of all your favourite cars. It features Championships, limited Time Trials, Free Runs, Two Player Slpit Screen and multitudes of options. The most novel feature is the ability to upgrade your car in any way you care to. It was developed by TamSoft for Takara Co., Japan using the HyperSolid graphics engine previously seen in such games as Toshinden 2. The game features cute little cars and lush, detailed backgrounds but the name of the game is the gadgets. You can add weapons to your car, put on special tires and add special gear for travelling over water. Customising your car correctly is the way to win.