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Pax Corpus

Pax Corpus
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherCryo Interactive Entertainment
DeveloperCryo Interactive Entertainment
GenreAction, Adventure
ReleasedOct 1, 1997

Description :

Pax Corpus is a sci-fi action adventure with gameplay similar to Tomb Raider. Versions of Pax Corpus exist for the Playstation and for PCs. Pax Corpus is the name of the secret project created by Dr. Ellys for Kiyiana Soro, leader of the Alcyon corporation. It seems to be both aweapon and an entity. The Pax Corpus and its manifestations emit a dangerousradiation. Prolonged exposure to the Pax Corpus will make you become part ofthe Pax Corpus.. in the process, your freedom of thought is destroyed and you effectively become a mindless slave. There are a total of 6 missions in Pax Corpus, and each mission consists of oneor more levels. The total number of levels is 20 There are 2 endings to the game. If you do not collect both logo items during mission 5, the game ends upon completion of mission 5 and you experience the Penultimate ending.If you did get both logo items, you will play though mission 6 as well and then you will you experience the Ultimate ending.