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OverBlood 2

OverBlood 2
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherEvolutionGames, Riverhillsoft
ReleasedNov 19, 1999

Description :

In the year 2115AD, 70 years after the event known as "The Sudden Death Of The Earth", the world has become fully reliant on air-cooling machines. On a shuttle flight to East Edge city, Acarno Brani travels to the large city in the hopes of becoming a successful Junk Blade racer. Also on the same flight is Veltor Curtis who is being secretly watached by Chris Lanebecca, a female investigator. Soon after arriving at the airport, Veltor is attacked, Acarno tries to help, but his efforts are in vain. But then Veltor throws a small capsule to Acarno who then escapes from the airport. And then his adventure will truly begin. Like the first game, Overblood 2 has full 3-D levels, however there are now some pre-rendered locations in the game. You can play as three characters in the game, Acarno, Chris and a third character named Navarro Jean.