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NOeL: La Neige

NOeL: La Neige
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherInc., Pioneer LDC
DeveloperPioneer Soft Ltd.

Description :

Noël La Niege is the second game in the Noël series for the Playstation one console. This time the game starts in the Christmas of 2014 when the player's character got injured skiing and he got helped by three female high school students (Yumi Tachibana, Ryo Midorikawa & Chisato Kadokura)).After that one of the girls, Yumi Tachibana calls you on the video phone and told you about that she wants to know how you are. Again the game progress using different coversations (using the video phone or the computer) and selecting date for each girl and depending of the choices full motion video sequences will appear and other events. This time the game features a better controls system since each button is for a different thing like say yes, no or question. The gameplay is about choosing differen answers or gather information to investigate in your computer network. Click on Interactive to start talking to Kaho or another girl right away. During the talk mode, there is a re-sizable data window in the middle of the screen. As your character talks with Yumi or any other character, topic icons stream across this bar, so click on them and they will be transferred to the data window. If you want to ask her about a particular topic, just click on the topic icon from your data window. In general, the more you ask the more clues you will get. The game features japanese voice acting and lots of full motion video sequences.