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Namco Tennis Smash Court

Namco Tennis Smash Court
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1

Description :

Smash Court is an arcade-style tennis game that features quick play exhibition mode as well as fully fledged tennis club mode which lets you name and create your character and build it over time into a professional tennis player by playing in various leagues and participating in tournaments. The tennis club mode also lets you practice alone to learn how to hit the ball in different ways. You can start the tennis club mode alone on in two player mode. Unlike for exhibition mode, memory card is required to save your data when starting the tennis club mode. Exhibition mode quickly goes through basic selection such as playing as whether to play as singles (1-on-1) or doubles (2-on-2), choosing who controls which player (all combinations of Player and AI are included), select the tennis players for both sides (there are 24 playable characters, 12 male and 12 female ones), and deciding where you want to play (10 locations are available in total to choose from, each representing a specific country with the background setting, such as coastal town of Greece, temples in Thailand, sand beach in Tahiti, and other). The game is played in bird's eye perspective where hitting the ball requires precise timing and direction. The camera is always focused on and follows the ball since the field is larger than the visible area on the screen and supports scrolling in any direction.