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Namco Museum Encore

Namco Museum Encore
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
GenreAction, Racing, Shooter
ReleasedOct 30, 1997

Description :

This is the last volume of the "Namco Museum" collection. It was released only in Japan and was also the only one in the series not to feature a Pac-Man game. The limited edition comes in a large box designed to hold all 6 Namco Museum releases as well as a memory card. It features 7 titles: – Dragon Saber (1990): A vertical scrolling shooter arcade game that was released by Namco in 1990. It is the sequel to Dragon Spirit, released 3 years earlier. STORY: The human beings have repeated their own foolish history, because of their own desires. And everything around then has amounted to come to nothing. Advanced alchemy has caused environmental disruption. The world has been filled with evil creatures. And the human beings have threatened with extinction. Meanwhile, the sun god, Amaterasu appeared from the sky to human, and told. "The brave young man Huey and Siria. I grant you this sacred saber." "Show your good spirit!" – Wonder Momo (1987): A beat 'em up arcade game that was released exclusively in Japan by Namco in 1987. It runs on Namco System 86 hardware, and was later ported to the PC-Engine in 1989. It is Namco's last 8-bit arcade game. This game was never released outside of Japan, probably because of its slightly questionable content. Momo is a young girl who gets super-powers, hence becoming Wonder Momo and battling costumed villains. – Rompers (1989): an arcade game that was released by Namco in 1989 only in Japan. It runs on Namco System 1 hardware. You control a guy wearing a straw hat named Chap who must collect all of the keys in 61 maze-like gardens while avoiding various enemies to rescue his girlfriend, Rumina. He can push the walls over to crush the enemies, but they will come back as eggs which will hatch after a few seconds. There is also a strict time limit to ensure you don't dawdle. – Motos (1985): An arcade game that was released by Namco in 1985. It runs on Namco Super Pac-Man hardware but with a video system like that used in Mappy. It has 62 levels. The player must maneuver a bumper car to bump enemies off the edge of the playfield while they attempt to do the same to it. Power-ups give the car extra bumping power and the ability to jump over gaps in the playfield. – Sky Kid (1985): A horizontal scrolling shooter arcade game that was released by Namco in 1985. It runs on Namco Pac-Land hardware but with a video system like that used in Dragon Buster. It is also the first game from Namco to allow 2 players to play simultaneously. The game was later released on the Famicom (brought to the American NES by Sunsoft), and this version was released on Nintendo's Virtual Console service in North America on May 19, 2008 at a cost of 500 Wii Points. A sequel named Sky Kid Deluxe was released in 1986. It introduced several new enemies and missions. The players play as the Sky Kids "Red Baron" and "Blue Max", which are references to Manfred von Richthofen, the famous World War I flying ace, and the prestigious order Pour le Mérite, informally known as Blue Max. The Sky Kids fly around in biplanes and are assigned specific targets during the missions. These missions involve bombing specific targets. – King & Balloon (1980): A fixed shooter arcade game that was released by Namco in 1980. It runs on Namco Galaxian hardware but with an extra Z80 processor to drive a DAC for speech; the King speaks when he is captured ("HELP!"), when he is rescued ("Thank you"), and when he is carried away ("BYE BYE!"). Additionally, the balloons make the same "droning" sound as the ships in Galaxian, which was released the previous year. The player's shots also have the same sound effect as the player ship in said game. The player controls two green men (likely soldiers in the king's army) with an orange cannon that fires at squads of descending balloons. You must protect the king and prevent him from being captured and carried away by one of the balloons. – Rolling Thunder (1986): A run and gun arcade game that was released by Namco in 1986. It runs on the Namco System 86 hardware platform and was licensed for US distribution to Atari Games. Set in the 1960s, the player takes the role of a secret agent who must save his female partner from a terrorist organization. The player takes control of Albatross, a member of Interpol's "Rolling Thunder" espionage unit. Albatross's mission is to save a missing female agent named Leila Blitz from a secret society named Geldra located in New York. Albatross must travel through two different segments or "stories", each comprised of five stages, for a total of ten stages.