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ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
GenreBoard Game, Puzzle, Strategy
ReleasedNov 15, 1997

Description :

The game of Monopoly has been around ever since the Great Depression-era of the 1920s. The PlayStation version of the game boasts token and property animations, rule variations, real-time board rotation and multi-player link options. The premise of the game is the same as it has always been. You have to purchase as much property as possible and then build it up in hopes of bankrupting your opponents and remaining as the only entrepreneur left. You are given $1,500 in cash to start with and must try to build up from there. Purchase properties ranging from Boardwalk to Water Works, put houses on them, and watch your money grow. You can play with up to seven other human or computer opponents who will all be aiming for you and your property. You can make deals with your opponents since trades and immunities are available. Just watch out though, because they may try to stab you behind your back. If you are in a long, tension-filled game that you need to get out of, you can save the game to an open block on your memory card. The game also supports a mouse as well as the Multi Tap device.