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Macross Plus: Game Edition

Macross Plus: Game Edition
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
ReleasedJun 29, 2000

Description :

Macross Plus -Game Edition- is a third-person shooter that follows the story of the OAV series. You first pilot the YF-21 to battle your way against the YF-19 and other mecha until you square off against the unmanned X-9 Ghost. Upon completing the YF-21 stage, you play again as Isamu Dyson. Piloting the YF-19, you fight your way through enemy units and the YF-21 until you reach the Macross, where you have to dodge the fortress's arsenal to battle the Neo-Glaug and save the world from the wrath of Sharon Apple. Unlike the previous Macross games, the mecha in Macross Plus -Game Edition- do not transform during battle. One unique feature is DSS (Dynamic Situation System). When you're near your opponent, or if he fires his missiles at you, the screen flashes "DSS". When this happens, press the DSS button and you can perform special moves like instant missile lock, quick missile evasion, close-range kick and missile/gun pod barrage. Unlike the VF-X series, which use cheesy MIDI music, Macross Plus -Game Edition- uses the original anime soundtrack composed by Yoko Kanno. The game is divided in eight different stages and has two play modes: story and vs.