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Kick Off World

Kick Off World
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherFunsoft Inc.
ReleasedJun 26, 1998

Description :

The first Kick Off game for Playstation offers the ability to play with teams from Europe, South America and Africa. The game is not just about playing, coaching is equally important as you head for the Reebook DMX Super League. Kick Off World has four levels, and five modes which includes a practice mode as well as Friendly and Cup Competition modes. As the manager you can sell and buy players. This version is the best game of Steve Screech alone (without Dino Dini) but still is not as great as Kick Off 2 was. Is a fine arcade soccer game (not as good as other psx games like Pro Evolution Soccer 2) & the management in the game are very limited (only strategy squad & don't seems to be any business & gestion options). The soccer in game plays fine (easy way to throw free kicks) & good movements.