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ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherITE Media
DeveloperITE Media
ReleasedDec 15, 1998

Description :

Hugo, the well known European TV troll makes his appearance on PlayStation. Once upon a time, there was a troll family living in a forest. They were living happily in the forest, but little did they know about the danger looming nearby. Over in a short distance is a mountain on top of which is a skull-shaped cavern. This cave is a home to an evil witch Scylla, the villain of this game. One day, Hugo's three kids and his wife Hugolina, were playing outside their house. That's when Scylla made her move and ambushed the troll kids. Hugolina heard this and ran outside only to be kidnapped along with the children. At the same time, Hugo was having a nap, only to awaken quickly to see what's happening outside. Sadly, he was too late and the witch was already heading back to home with Hugolina and the kids. Hugo immediately went after the witch to save his family…