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Hugo: The Evil Mirror

Hugo: The Evil Mirror
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherXS Games
DeveloperITE Media
ReleasedJul 30, 2004

Description :

Having just barely survived his previous quest in Black Diamond Fever, Hugo the Troll is back in yet another exciting adventure! Somewhere in the Tricky Troll forest the evil witch Scylla and her loyal companion Don Croco is trying to figure out a way to capture Hugolina and ruin the Hugo family. By accident Don Croco drops a tray containing some glasses and when Scylla looks at the broken glass she smiles – she has come up with the perfect evil plan…. The Evil Mirror Scylla surprises the Hugo family in their hut and hit Hugo on the head with a mirror.The mirror does not break but Hugo has been caught in the mirror by an evil spell! Scylla crushes the mirror and scatters the three mirror pieces throughout the Tricky Troll forest. Hugo has been captured and the only way to save him and to free Hugolina is to find the three mirror pieces.