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Hugo 2

Hugo 2
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherITE Media
DeveloperSilverrock Productions
ReleasedApr 15, 1999

Description :

In most of the games, a scourge of the troll woods – the wicked witch Scylla (named differently in some countries, such as "Hexana" in Germany and "Afskylia" in the original Danish version), caught and locked up Hugo, the troll's wife Hugoline, and the three children Rit, Rat, and Rut; because she needs them for her magic beauty treatment. Hugo must rescue them and bring peace to the woods, but because of evil Scylla there are many various obstacles in his path. Through the games, Hugo (voiced in German by Michael Habeck, Oliver Grimm and Oliver Baier) and sometimes also Scylla (voiced in German by Karin Kernke) communicate with the player directly (using digitized speeches), thus breaking the fourth wall (and even knocking on or scratching the screen from the inside).