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Gundam Battle Assault 2

Gundam Battle Assault 2
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
DeveloperBandai, Natsume
ReleasedJul 18, 2002

Description :

Gundam Battle Assault 2 encompasses plot lines, characters, and Gundam mobile suits from many of the series' most famous shows, allowing players to square off against their favorite characters in heated 2D battle. Gameplay modes offered include Versus modes that allow players to compete against either human- or computer-controlled opponents, two different Time Attack modes, and a Survival mode that sees players going up against an endless wave of attackers. The so-called Street mode allows players to follow three different story lines — with one of eight different pilots — taken from the G Gundam, Gundam Wing, and Mobile Suit Gundam shows. Each of the "missions" in Street mode is a fight bookended by simple dialogue and taunts between the two combatants. As with traditional fighting games, each combatant has a host of moves available, executed via basic directional and face button combinations. Rudimentary attacks include strong and weak punches and kicks, as well as dodge, thrust, throw, and temporary flying maneuvers. Also, each fighter is capable of executing a Mega Special Attack, though this can only be used a maximum of three times. Onscreen gauges, such as Ammunition and Thrusters, facilitate special moves and flying, while the Armor gauge indicates the fighter's current level of vitality.