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Gekitou! Crush Gear Turbo

Gekitou! Crush Gear Turbo
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherBandai Co., Ltd.
DeveloperBandai Co., Ltd.
ReleasedJul 25, 2002

Description :

Gekitou! Crush Gear Turbo is an action game based on the anime series the game features 2 different game modes: – Story Mode: Help Kouya Marino to become the Crush Gear Champion. – Vs Mode: Compete against another human player or the computer in 1 on 1 combats. Crush Gear is a sport of battling machines that follows in the tracks of the ancient chariot battles of the Roman Coliseum. Crush Gears are hand-sized fighting machines that can be customised for maximum impact. Opponents meet at games where they Gear Fight, and the winner is determined when a fighter’s Crush Gear is able to push its opponent off the battlefield.