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Gekisou Tomarunner

Gekisou Tomarunner
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
DeveloperDesert Productions
ReleasedJul 22, 1999

Description :

Tomarunner is a foot-racing game where your opponents include a robot, a kappa, an angel, a masked roller-skater, and a boy with Big Boy hair. You run around a variety of tracks including mines, buddhist temples, busy streets, hotels, beaches, and castles, busily shoving your enemies out of the way while bouncing off the walls and flinging yourself around with vertical and horizontal bars and flying through people's living rooms all in the name of finding a shortcut. Weapons include heat seaking missiles, mines, and super-bouncy balls. Various items on the track include speed boosts, lightning (to smite thine enemy), bombs, and protective baby chicks. It's really fast, it's really fun, and it will deeply disturb your friends. The game features 4 different characters at the beginning and another 4 unlockables ones. The game features these game modes: – Tutorial. – Normal game. – Vs. games – Combo attacks