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Galaxian 3

Galaxian 3
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1

Description :

Galaxian 3 (also known as Galaxian³: Project Dragoon) is an arcade game released by Namco in 1990 and its immediate sequel as a scaled-down arcade cabinet in 1994. It is a walk-in style arcade game run upon a hybrid of laserdisc and traditional arcade hardware. It uses multiple Namco System 21 boards with synchronized laserdisc players (up to sixteen boards and players in the original Galaxian³, and two in the Project Dragoon)[2] to create the pre-rendered backgrounds of the game. Each player shares the same life meter and takes the role of one of many stationary gunner positions (up to sixteen/twenty-eight players for Galaxian³, and six for Project Dragoon),[3] who are defending a spaceship against an onslaught of enemy ships. It was one of only two games that were released for Namco's "Theater 6" arcade system, the other being its immediate sequel, Attack of the Zolgear, which was released in 1994.