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ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
DeveloperMillenium Interactive

Description :

Revived…Rebuilt…and Ready to Hop! Frogger is back, and he's armed with all new moves, power croak, heat seeking tongue and super jump! He's the coolest amphibian in town, but now he's lost in strange worlds filled with hungry enemies and dangerous terrain. You'll need quick reflexes as you help Frogger navigate obstacles like polluted ponds, hostile deserts, dark caves and outsmart deadly new enemies such as crocodiles, lawnmowers, turtles, and snakes. Frogger offers the original, addictive play pattern, complete with 9 new worlds and dozens of challenging new levels. with 3D graphics, original music scores, and fun sound effects, you can play solo- or multi-player with up to 4 players through specially designed multi-frog world maps featuring quad split screen action.