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Fear Effect

Fear Effect
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherEidos Interactive
DeveloperKronos Digital
GenreAdventure, Horror
ReleasedFeb 24, 2000

Description :

Your mission is simple, yet complex: investigate Wee Ming Lam's disappearance, track her down, and bring her back alive. She disappeared days before her eighteenth birthday; it is believed Wee Ming has fallen into the vice of Shan XI Protectorate, a hedonistic cultist group. Failure is not an option as she is the daughter of a powerful Triad leader, a predominant political force in Hong Kong. Mr. Lam has hired the services of three money-hungry mercenaries: Hana Tsu-Vachel, a young covert operative specializing in infiltration missions; the highly decorated ex-military officer Royce Glas; and Deke Decourt, a psychotically aggressive weapons expert with little knowledge of discretion. Together they will investigate the Lam family dynasty, infiltrate seedy criminal headquarters, and traverse through unimaginably horrific locations. Using a revolutionary Motion FX technology, Fear Effect is an action-packed third-person adventure through a streaming world filled with problem solving, unreliable sources, mystery and suspense. Whereas Resident Evil's pre-rendered backgrounds are static, Fear Effect utilizes streaming data for an alive, cinematic feel; steam spews from broken pipes and lights flicker on and off producing shadows and spotlights.