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Explosive Racing

Explosive Racing
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherFunsoft, Softgold

Description :

This game is a sequel to Toka's previous game Burning Road, which made a ton of improvements over the first game. For one, you are now able to drive motorcycles in addition to cars, and you also have headlights you can turn on if visibility of the track starts to dim. Like Burning Road, this game is an arcade racer. Drifting is similar to Sega Rally, as taking a turn will cause your car to slide. You not only have to race against your opponents, but also against time. Passing through the checkpoints throughout the track will replenish your time limit, but you have to be quick and careful not to crash into anything! In the beginning, you start off with only two tracks, six vehicles, and the Practice and Championship modes. By successfully clearing the game modes in specific ways, you can unlock more tracks, vehicles and additional game modes. There's also a two player mode which can be accessed using the PlayStation Link Cable.