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Dracula: The Resurrection

Dracula: The Resurrection
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherFrance Multimedia
DeveloperVisual Impact Productions
ReleasedMar 2, 2001

Description :

Dracula: The Resurrection is a new story based on the characters from Bram Stoker's novel. The game will immerse you in a story line rich in atmosphere. It invites you to hear the call of a wolf or hoot of an owl under a graphically splendid full moon panorama. It also features cinematically complete cutscenes and a haunting musical score. The game features detailed, hand-painted backgrounds, accompanied by atmospheric sound and music, which set the proper mood for this dark tale of gothic horror. Directional buttons move the cursor around the screen with the X button used for action. A zoom function allows you to pick out details and collect inventory items as you search for visual clues to solve the mystery. Since the wooden stake and sunlight didn't do the trick, you'll have to discover how to destroy the timeless Prince of Darkness.