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Doki Doki Pretty League

Doki Doki Pretty League
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherXing Entertainment
DeveloperXing Entertainment
ReleasedMar 28, 1997

Description :

oki Doki Pretty League is the first game in the baseball simulation games released by Xing Entertainment for the Playstation console. In the game the player takes the role of a baseball coach that is going to coach the Kasumigaura high school female baseball team during a one year period of time. In the game the player decides the training (battling, fielding, etc.) that each player is going to make during each week and can see the progress of his players seeing if the players stats are increasing of not. Other thing is about the match's days: During each match the player can decide the type of trowing that his player is going to do, or the type of bat that is going to make. The game features also conversations with the team members, the staff room (where the player can take decisions about the team or talk with them) and events like the high school summer festival, the Valentine's Day and other events that takes part in the dating part of the game. The game features Japanese voices for the team members.