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Dokapon Ikari No Tetsuken

Dokapon Ikari No Tetsuken
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherAsmik Ace Entertainment, Inc.
GenreBoard Game, Role-Playing
ReleasedNov 5, 1998

Description :

Dokapon makes his debut on Playstation with a board game with RPG elements. The gameplay is the usual board game with a top 2d view and a 3d battle sequences. In the Dokapon Kingdom all the people loves money, but one day in this peaceful land the monsters appear and attack the castle and the villages. The people are struck down to poverty and the King doesn't get any taxes, so he decided to call 4 brave knights to destroy all those monsters. The player (or players) control one of those knights (there are 8 different characters to choose each of them with different attacks and characteristics) and start destroying the monsters in the castle. the gameplay is about using a roulette to see how many squares the player can advance, in those squares can be items, magic items, traps, inns, shops, enemies. The battle parts use the usual combat system of a turn based rpg, select the proper action in each turn. When the main enemy of each level is destroyed the game opens other parts of the kingdom.