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Dance Dance Revolution: 4th Mix

Dance Dance Revolution: 4th Mix
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherKonami Co., Ltd.
ReleasedMar 15, 2001

Description :

The home version of 4thMix was released in Japan on March 15, 2001, for the Sony PlayStation console. It contains 55 songs, including 3 from Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix (which were not present in the home version of that version) and six hidden songs: one from 4thMix Plus and one as preview songs for the next arcade version, Dance Dance Revolution 5thMix. The game also features the 6-panel mode, branded as Solo Mode. The game engine and menus have also been used in two North American versions of DDR, Dance Dance Revolution for the PC, and Dance Dance Revolution Konamix. Konamix was the only American version to feature Solo Mode.