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Dance Dance Revolution: 2nd ReMix

Dance Dance Revolution: 2nd ReMix
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherKonami Co., Ltd.
ReleasedAug 26, 1999

Description :

Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix, or 2ndMix, is the 2nd game in the Dance Dance Revolution series of music video games. It was released as an arcade game by Konami on January 19, 1999. Although only officially released in Japan, units exist worldwide. It has a total of 32 songs: ten from the original Dance Dance Revolution arcade game and 22 all-new songs. Gameplay: The core gameplay and scoring system of 2ndMix is the same as the previous version of Dance Dance Revolution. The arrows in 2ndMix do not have different color-cycles based on their time signature. The "Vivid" arrow colors familiar to players of later mixes were not introduced until the club versions. Dance Dance Revolution 2ndReMix, the home version of 2ndMix, was released in Japan on August 26, 1999, for the Sony PlayStation. It includes 34 songs, seven of which are hidden and unlockable. Four of the songs were previews of the next arcade version, Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix.