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Cross Tantei Monogatari

Cross Tantei Monogatari
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherLtd., WorkJam Co
DeveloperLtd., WorkJam Co
ReleasedOct 21, 1999

Description :

Cross Tantei Monogatari 1 – Zenpen is an adventure game released for the Playstation & Saturn consoles as Cross Tantei Monogatari that when the game was re-released for the Playstation one console was divided into 2 different releases Kouhen & Zenpen. Zenpen is the first part of the story and Kouhen is the second part. The player takes the role of a young 18 years old detective (Koruso Ken) aided by his partner, a young girl of 19 years old (Nishiyama Tomoko) that got a detective agency. The game features 7 different cases that takes place in different places of the city and outside the city, with different characters and suspects in each episode. The game features also japanese voice acting for all the characters. The gameplay is about watching each story until the crime happens and then the gameplay changed since the player can examine the crime scene to look for clues that will help him in solving each case.