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Chou-Kousoku Gran Doll

Chou-Kousoku Gran Doll
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
DeveloperKID Corp.
GenreAction, Platform, Shooter
ReleasedJul 24, 1997

Description :

Hyper Speed GranDoll is a Central Park Media OVA anime about a high school girl who discovers that she is really part of a royal lineage of aliens from a distant planet. On 14 October 2006 Central Park Media announced that it was to be discontinued. Anime story: Hikaru has always believed herself to be just a normal high school girl…well, as normal as a teenager with a genius mad scientist for a father. She spends her time with her best friend, day dreaming about the boy she loves and watching her favoite super hero show. One day, the past that she has knows nothing about comes back to haunt her. She is shocked to learn that she is the last surviving member of royal line from a far away planet. Even more, she finds out that she has been protecting the ultimate armour and that it can decide the fate of the entire galaxy. Chou-Kousoku Grandoll (Also known as Hyper Speed Grandoll) is a bright and breezy platformer based on the anime series and the license is put to good effect with some entertaining cut scenes between levels. Reassuring 2D feel to the game with good old fashioned gameplay which sees you picking up key cards and swinging on a grappling hook across tricky terrain. The female star of the game can also power up her mecha suit after each completed level giving new powers that need to be utilised to progress. The game's plot closely follows the OVA's storyline, except for a few minor differences. Unlike the anime where Hikaru only fights in her standard armor, in the game she gets multiple different styles of armor upgrades after defeating a boss, similar to Megaman ZX's Bio Metal System.