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Brave Saga 2

Brave Saga 2
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1
PublisherLtd., TAKARA Co.
DeveloperPandora Box Creative Office
ReleasedMay 2, 2000

Description :

Brave Saga 2 is the sequel to Shin Sedai Robot Senki – Brave Saga. Brave Saga 2 can be considered a final re-tale of the Yuusha series as it features virtually all Yuusha characters, mecha and human alike, from the previous generation. Although parallel universes are used to explain why series such as Brave Express Might Gaine can be involved in the plot, the story assumed that at least some of the series, noticeably GaoGaiGar and Baan Gaan, happen at around the same time and in the same world. Generally, GaoGaiGar storyline is consider to be the 'side-story' while Baan Gaan served as the main event, with other Yuusha participate in either of the story. Also, a general time line is given to some of the work, such as stating that the entire events within The Brave Fighter of Legend Da-Garn inspired the creation of Grand Police Department in Brave Police J-Decker, while the events in The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird is part of the reason why Brave Command Dagwon is formed. There are some none-Yuusha series being involved in the plot, and it should be noted that they are consider to be Real Robot, opposed to Yuusha's Super Robot setting. Brave Saga 2 is a classic Tactical RPG, since the player have a number of units each of them with a limited range of movements, and with different attacks to select one of them in each turn. To advance through the game the player has to clear each game map mission.