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Air Combat

Air Combat
ConsoleSony PlayStation 1

Description :

In Namco's Air Combat, it is up to you to eliminate the enemy terrorist forces that threaten global prosperity. Intelligence has hinted that their main assault will be by sky and aircraft. You will engage in tactical dogfights and use any means necessary to shoot them out of the air and stop their devious plans. As you progress throughout the various missions, you are awarded cash that allows you to buy newer and better aircraft. There are a multitude of planes included, such as the Mig and the elusive Stealth Bomber. Naturally, you will have to start out with smaller, less powerful aircraft and slowly build your way up as you complete missions and earn more money. Each mission is different in objective, location, and strategy. Depending on what the mission requires of you, you must pick the aircraft most suited for the mission. Some missions require you to escort an important ambassador to safety, while others have you taking out a city's power supply, putting an end to illegal oil smuggling by destroying a refinery, and even taking out a bridge.