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Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine
ConsoleNintendo Gamecube
DeveloperNintendo EAD

Description :

When it comes to SEGA, we probably know Sonic, and when it comes to many other game makers, which iconic characters do they think of? Almost every different game maker has different iconic characters so players can identify them. And when the player mentioned Nintendo, the name that players think of is Mario, a character who has been a legend of the entire gaming market in the world. There are many titles of this series that have been born for players to experience. But among the many parts, there is a very different game compared to its predecessors for players to feel. Among them is the game Super Mario Sunshine which made a critical turning point of the entire series for many other games to follow. This game is a product designed for the GameCube platform and has been liked by many players. Thanks to what the game has acquired, it has sold more than five million copies and became one of the best-selling games of the GameCube. If players have not experienced this game before, now is an excellent opportunity for you to do that.

In many versions of the GameCube released, this is the second time that a game in the Mario game series is equipped with a 3D graphics format. Previously, players have experienced the game Super Mario 64 is the first name released with a 3D graphics format for players to experience. This is the next name and also the game that plays a critical role because it has overcome the errors in the previous section and paved the way for the second part. This game is the name that many players choose and to experience the 3D graphics format for the first time. This is to make the game very popular, and until now, there are still people looking to experience the game.

This device is a new feature that has just been added to this game for players to experience. This device is used to shoot water jet from a jet-pack to help Mario can fly in a short time. In the game, there are many gaps that the player cannot overcome by just jumping, so this device is added to do that.