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Super Mario Strikers

Super Mario Strikers
ConsoleNintendo Gamecube
DeveloperNext Level Games

Description :

Football is a king sport and has a lot of interest from players around the world, and many people choose to play it. If the game has the largest number of players in the world, then football is that name. Not only is it a regular sport, but it is also a pride and something used for exchanges between countries. There are many tournaments held annually to attract a large number of fans and how the country participates. Not only in real life, but even in the world of gaming, football is an endless inspiration for many game makers to learn. Many famous games are based on the idea that the ball is for players to experience. In it, football has been combined with many different game series to launch something exciting for players to experience. Among them is a game that is a combination of Mario and football has become very famous, which is Super Mario Strikers. This game is an excellent combination for players to experience new things. This game is not like any other game related to the football topic for players to experience.

Like the name of the game, the player coming to the game is not to build the strongest squad to compete but to become a striker. Although the player needs a team to compete, you only need to choose one character. All the remaining members of the team will be added to the game for players to control. Players only need to select the once you like, and the game will complete everything else for you. The match of the game takes place between two teams, and each unit has five members to compete. Although there are up to five members, at the same time, you can only control one person directly; AI controls the rest.

In the game, there are many different characters so that players can choose to start the game. They can be Mario, Luigi, and even Donkey Kong for you to use. The unique thing about the game is that all the characters have special skills to use in the match. But to use the ability, you need to do several specific actions.