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Sonic Gems Collection

Sonic Gems Collection
ConsoleNintendo Gamecube
DeveloperSonic Team
GenreAction, Fighting, Platform, Racing

Description :

Sonic Gems Collection is a compilation presented in a similar style to the prior collection in the Sonic series, Sonic Mega Collection. However, as its name suggests, Gems Collection contains more rare and obscure games from the Sonic series. The main games included are Sonic CD, Sonic R, and Sonic the Fighters. Several Sonic Game Gear games are also included. The Japanese version contains the Streets of Rage trilogy but the North American release replaces these with the two Vectorman games to prevent the game being given a harsher rating. Also included is an “Extras” feature where players can look at illustrations and promotional material for the Sonic games and play demos of some of the Sonic games featured in Mega Collection.